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We always get asked the million dollar question. "How do you make a viral video?" There are two types of viral videos - ones that become viral because of the nature of the content and/or incident (cute or funny viral videos), and marketing-produced viral video campaigns created from an idea directed to a specific target audience.

The first one can't be made-up, and even if that's the case, it always comes across as fake. On the other hand, a well thought-out viral video campaign requires two ingredients: (1) a big set of balls, and (2) a big budget. We'll do the rest, but we know that the preceding statement isn't fair, so let us tell you a bit about the process.

No one can guarantee the success of a viral video - but with a small initial budget, a company can commission our team to create scenarios/ideas with projected results, including storyboard presentations, budget requirements, and projected analysis. From there, the client will decide whether or not to move forward. If moving forward, the original investment becomes part of the main budget. If not, it becomes the compensation for our creative work. This system allows for a company to attempt a viral video marketing campaign without a huge budget.

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